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Procoloco covid-19


We are living in new times, but our daily goal remains the same as pleasing our client.

If at any time you feel insecure or feel that we have made a mistake in your treatment in any way, please let us know so that we can solve and evolve our service to make you feel at home and safe.

Customer reception


The reception will be made by one of our employees, who will refer you to the area of the tables that are strategically distributed in order to maintain the safety distance from our customers.

We will dispense alcohol gel for each of our guests and provide the menu name in several possible formats, from paper, QR code or even from the Zomato application depending on your preference.



Orders can be placed and paid from the Zomato app, as soon as payment is made on the app the order will be delivered to the table directly by one of our employees. If you prefer, orders can also be placed in the traditional way with our employees who will always be present during your visit to Boqueirão.

Food Confection


The preparation of our products will continue to be carried out with the greatest care and Brazilian tradition, our employees are prepared for these times in which we live and have at their disposal all the necessary tools to fight this crisis, but if you prefer and feel more comfortable, you can request that our products be served in disposable material.

Cutlery and Glass Cleaning


The cleaning of our cutlery and glasses is very strict, first we wash the materials by hand, then they are disinfected and placed in our machine at a temperature above 70ºC and at the end dried and passed through alcohol. Our machine will be cleaned every 2 hours daily.

Boqueirão employees


Our employees are equipped with the appropriate masks that will be changed every 4 hours in order to protect themselves and our customers. They will also always be equipped with alcohol gel and in our space several alcohol gel dispensers are strategically placed in places such as the cash register, bar, kitchen and entrance to Boqueirão.

Take-away Service


In relation to our take-away service, we have at your disposal the Zomato app where you can place the order and pick it up at our establishment or you can also order at the restaurant and pick up your order at a place designated for take away where we will send an sms when you are ready.

Delivery of our products to customers


Distance will always be respected by our employees when delivering your order. If you prefer to take your order yourself there is also OK, our counter will have a demarcated limit that will maintain the safety distance between our customers and employees.

During the service do not worry about cleaning the space, there will always be an employee responsible for cleaning the tables used by our customers in order to provide the best possible experience for others.

Customers who want to avoid contact can place orders in several ways that provide little contact with employees and thus have a great experience with flavor of Brazil.

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